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Linköping Guide Club and its guides wish you a warm welcome – enjoy our tours!

We take pride in our history so please come and enjoy our tours! Let us inform you where the infamous blood-bath of Linköping took place, when we had a royal coronation ceremony in our beautiful cathedral, why the widely known company Saab was founded here and what compelled a small provincial town to set up a university?

We provide high quality guided tours/walks with aim to deepen and widen the knowledge about the city of Linköping and the province of Östergötland. We have a wide variety of tours and dramas at your disposal. Our historical high-lights can be a very much appreciated part of your conference or private party. Book a tour with us  through our contact page.

We offer public guided walks in the central city May through September (scheduled days and times). All tours available are published on our web site. Upon request we offer customized guided walks or bus tours, but also our speciality, dramatized city walks, where you meet well-known names from the history of Linköping, from kings and bishops to publicans and harlots!

Linköping Guide Club was founded in 1983 and our some 25 guides are locally and Nationally Qualified Tourist Guides through the organization Guides of Sweden (SveGuide). The club is a member of the Inter Nordic Guide Club (IGC) and the European Federation of Tourist Guide Association (FEG).

Upcoming guided tours

The next public guided tours. Welcome to join the tours! (If nothing else is stated the tour is given in Swedish.)

Book your ticket through Ticketmaster

Tickets for our public guided tours are normally booked through Ticketmaster. There are several advantages; it takes less time at the starting points and Ticketmaster takes credit cards .. and our guides don’t have to carry cash.

We are heard!

We are using voice amplifiers when guiding, thus all participants can hear us well.

Languages available

Our guides speak many languages, so when booking a guide you can choose a language suiting your group.

We are seen!

Our red jackets make us easy to spot. The jackets are sponsored by City of Linköping. Thank you!

Credit cards and swish

We use modern payment methods. We accept credit cards when prebuying tickets. Prebuy here. At the starting point for the tour we accept Swish and an even amount of cash.

The Linköping Guide Club co-operates with Studiefrämjandet, a national studies association.

Want to be a guide?

Are you interested in our guide education and you have a genuine interest in Linköping / a special interest suitable for the Linköping area? Please contact us!

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